We want to make the world a more happier place with AI

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: It's loveliness increases; it will never - John Keats

AI today has the ability to create art, write poems, have a meaning full conversation and even compose Music 🥁.

We want to use the best-in-class AI technology in creative fields - To create beautiful artifacts, that we derive happiness from and are able to connect with emotionally.

We are optimists. We believe the world is going to be a more beautiful place with AI. We want to help the endeavor.

Our Team

AI artists with a passion to make things simple and beautiful

Saravana Rathinam

I make technology easy and fun to use. Wannabe AI Nijna Coder 🥷

Oguz Elibol

I am passionate about putting science and technology into practical use 👨‍🔬

Our Friends

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TensorDock cloud services

We have tried many cloud services and none of them have come close to the price, performance and support provided by TensorDock. If you are looking for compute for AI/ML workloads, give them a try.

Google for Startups Program

If you are just starting out and need a lot of cloud resources for you day to day work, reach out to Google for Startups, they are backed by an Amazing team.


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