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Some of our images are gorgeous...

a beautiful elven woman with flowing black hair sweeping her ankles in a silver gown standing in the clearing with very tall trees of silver bark and golden leaves and white flowers dotting the clearing

Artistic image of people having breakfast. AI generated image.

breakfast table, painting

Image of a sailor lost at sea in the style of Van Gough, AI generated image.

a sailor lost at sea,van gogh

Painting of an air craft carrier in sunset, oil on canvas. AI generated image.

aircraft carrier sunset, oil on canvas

some out of this world...

aurora borealis

beautiful planets

spaceship flying through a supernova

And others, err... interesting.

Monkey with a pink hat with a computer

batman punching superman cartoon style

a philosopher potato

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Max was built on the elbo platform. The platform provides you with a easy and cheapest compute options from multiple providers for ML training. Check out our developer API and entirely terminal driven command line interface.


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